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API & SDK Reference

API & SDK Reference

Have questions about integration? Get answers here.

Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Overview

New to our dashboard? This is the place to start.

Marketing Guide

Marketing Guide

Want to launch a holiday promotional campaign or reach your whales? Learn how with our powerful Marketing tools!

Analytics Guide

Analytics Guide

Want to utilize custom dashboards to generate your business' unique KPIs? Learn how now!

DataMine Guide

DataMine Guide

Want to create powerful custom metrics and access all your raw data? Do so with Datamine today!

Playbooks & Tools

Playbooks & Tools

Want to learn how to re-engage your users or to successfully integrate your first app? Check out some of our Playbooks!

marketing guide

Marketing Guide

Visit our Help Center to find answers to your marketing questions.

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API & SDK Reference / Android


API & SDK Reference / iOS


API & SDK Reference / tvOS


API & SDK Reference / Unity


API & SDK Reference / Web

Application Overview

Dashboard / Application Overview


Dashboard / Permissions

Real Time

Dashboard / Real Time

Test Devices

Dashboard / Test Devices

Campaign Priority

Marketing / Campaign Priority


Marketing / Push

User Explorer

Support documentation for Upsight User Explorer.


Support documentation for Upsight Campaign Builder.

Upsight Ad Mediation

Marketing Guide / Upsight Ad Mediation

User Experience Management (UXM)

Marketing Guide / User Experience Management (UXM)

Custom Dashboards

Analytics / Custom Dashboards

Custom Visualizations

Analytics Guide / Custom Visualizations

Metric Explorer

Analytics Guide / Metric Explorer

Data Schema

DataMine / Data Schema


Why should I use DataMine? DataMine is ideal for extracting and analyzing all of your raw and select processed data to create custom metrics which can be exported or visualized using custom dashboards. It's perfect for gaining deeper insights into user behaviors.


DataMine / Interface


DataMine / Overview

Best Practices

Datamine Best practices ensure your queries will return the most accurate results.

Scheduled Jobs

DataMine Guide / Scheduled Jobs

Playbooks are Coming Soon!

Check back soon to see what new playbooks we have come up with!


Playbooks & Pricing / Pricing

Legacy API & SDK Reference

Legacy Documentation / Legacy API & SDK Reference

Legacy Dashboard Overview

Legacy Documentation / Legacy Dashboard Overview

Legacy DataMine Guide

Legacy Documentation / Legacy DataMine Guide

Legacy Portfolio Guide

Legacy Documentation / Legacy Portfolio Guide

Legacy Publish Guide

Legacy Documentation / Legacy Publish Guide

Legacy Push Guide

Legacy Documentation / Legacy Push Guide

Legacy Reports Guide

Legacy Documentation / Legacy Reports Guide