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Opt In Data Collection Report

Retrieving Collected User Data

Retrieve user data across all games owned by a publisher:

GET /report/data_collection

Retrieve user data for a single game, across all content units:

GET /report/game/<game_id:int>/data_collection

Retrieve user data for a single content unit:

GET /report/game/<game_id:int>/content/<content_id:int>/data_collection

See :ref:common-query-params for the parameters that these 3 methods share in common with the rest of the Reporting API.

These methods also support one additional parameter:

querycsv, json Valid format options are csv, and json. Defaults to csv. Optional. See details on each format below.

CSV Output Format

Timestamp,Game Name,Game ID,Content Unit Name,Content Unit ID,Name,Email Address,Phone Number,Age,Gender,Zip Code,Reward Item(s),Connection Type,Platform,Hardware,OS,IP-Based Geolocation,Placement
2/1/2012 12:00:00 AM,Blood & Glory,1234,Email Newsletter Promo A,9999,John Doe,,5555555555,25,male,N/A,WiFi,iOS,iPhone4,iOS 5.0,USA,game_launch

JSON Output Format

   "Game Name",
   "Game ID",
   "Content Unit Name",
   "Content Unit ID",
   "Email Address",
   "Phone Number",
   "Zip Code",
   "Reward Item(s)",
   "Connection Type",
   "IP-Based Geolocation",

  ["2/1/2012 12:00:00 AM",
   "Blood & Glory",
   "Email Newsletter Promo A",
   "John Doe",
   "iOS 5.0",