Why should I use Data Mine?

Data Mine is ideal for extracting and analyzing all of your raw and select processed data to find metrics not possible in the dashboard. It's perfect for gaining deeper insights into user behaviors.

What audience is this tool for?

Data Mine is a powerful tool for social and mobile app marketers, developers, product managers, business intelligence analysts, and anyone familiar with SQL or other database querying languages looking for custom insights. However, even if you have limited technical knowledge, Data Mine was designed to have its results easily accessible across the board.

What technologies and/or languages do I need to know in order to use Data Mine?

Users should be familiar with writing queries in HiveQL, SQL or any other database querying languages. You should also be familiar with how your app's custom event hierarchy is structured. It's also helpful to know the type of custom events in your apps, and what subtypes are used in its EVT, INS, INR, MTU, PST, PSR, NES, NEI and UCC calls. Please refer to API & SDK Reference for more information on these calls.

Is Data Mine an upgrade for my existing Dashboard?

No, Data Mine is a separate product to the Upsight Analytics Dashboard.

What instrumentation is required?

There is no additional instrumentation required for Data Mine. If your app is instrumented correctly, all the data that is required to use this tool is already available. This means you can start using Data Mine as soon as you integrate Upsight Analytics.