A/B Testing

What is A/B Testing?

Upsight’s A/B testing in campaigns supports multi-variant testing, i.e., you can test as many creative variants as you’d like. Adding new variants is the same process as adding new creatives to a standard campaign. You can assign each variant a unique descriptive label to ensure easy tracking and reporting of campaigns.

You can set the percentage of users that can potentially join a given variant. The percentage total does not need to add up to 100 (although can't be greater), which allows you to run tests that target a sub-set of a given user segment.

AB Testing

Picking an A/B Test Creative Variant Winner

You can pick a winner at any time during the A/B test campaign. Navigate to the Campaigns list page, and click the 'Edit' option for that campaign. Then click PICK WINNER for the winning creative. You'll be prompted to confirm your choice. Pick winnerConfirm winner

When a winning variant is selected, the A/B test campaign effectively becomes a standard campaign, and all users of the targeted segment, including those who were members of other variants, immediately qualify to receive the winning creative.

Note that frequency caps still apply. If a user has seen either creative and the frequency cap has been met, they will not see the winning creative until the cap changes or expires.