Dashboard Setup

Dashboard Setup

Adding Milestones

Adding Milestones

Mediated ads will be triggered by recording a milestone, followed by preparing a billboard. The milestone scope names that are being called in the app must also be added for your application in the Upsight dashboard.

To add milestones, navigate to the "Application" menu.

Application Menu

Choose your app, and select "Milestones" from the right side menu. Next, click "Add Milestone".

Milestone Landing

Enter the milestone scope name, and a description. Click "Save".

Add Milestone

You'll now see the newly added milestone as a possible option when creating a new mediated ad campaign.

Adding Rewards

Adding Rewards

When using mediated rewarded videos, you'll need to have one or more reward items set up in the dashboard. The SDK will return the reward names and quantities through the reward callback when the video ad view has completed.

To add rewards, navigate to the "Application" menu.

Application Menu

Choose your app, and select "Rewards" from the right side menu. Next, click "Add Reward".

Reward Landing

Enter the reward scope name, and a description. You can also set a min and max app version that this reward applies to. Click "Save".

Add Reward

You'll now be able to choose your newly added reward items when creating a rewarded video campaign, and dynamically grant multiple items, with multiple quantities, on a per segment basis.

Creating Segments

Creating Segments

Mediated ad campaigns can be targeted at segments of your users. Segments can be created based on a number of different user attributes, including IAP purchase behaviour.

User Explorer

The User Explorer interface allows you to build segments by selecting sub-sets of attribute data. As you focus on specific attributes, you can see the user count (as well as percentage of total users) update in real-time.

User Explorer

Click "Save Segment". Add a name and description for the segment, and any more rules if needed.

New Segment

Your new segment can now be selected for targeting in your marketing campaigns.

Creating Mediated Ad Campaigns

Creating Mediated Ad Campaigns

Once you have added your milestones, and reward items (as applicable), you can now create campaigns for your app that will display mediated static interstitial, non-rewarded video or rewarded video ads.

To create a campaign, navigate to the "Campaigns" page in the Upsight dashboard, and click "Add A New Campaign".

Campaign Landing

Choose "Ads" as the campaign type.

Select Campaign Type

Enter a campaign name, and select an app. You'll be able to choose a segment ("All Users" is targeted by default), and choose the milestones that this campaign will target.

Campaign App Selection and Targeting

Choose the ad type. Selecting "Video" with the reward toggle turned off will return non-rewarded videos. Selecting Interstitial will return static interstitial ads. Selecting "Video" with the reward toggle turned on will return rewarded video ads.

Select Ad Type

For rewarded video ads, you can choose the reward item(s) that you've previously added for your app. Adjust the quantities as necessary.

Rewarded Video Rewards

For rewarded video ads, you can also choose whether you want to show a pre or post roll message. The pre-roll message is typically used when rewarded ads are presented in an interstitial type flow (i.e. not triggered by the user tapping a button). Both messages are optional, and can be localized for supporting multiple languages if required.

Rewarded Video Pre and Post Roll Messages

Click "Save and Pause" to test the campaign using your test devices. Click "Save and Publish" if you would like the campaign to be live for your users.

You can now see all your campaigns listed. Statistics for campaigns will begin to appear approximately one day following them going live, with stats updated on a daily basis.

Campaign List

You can adjust the priority of your campaigns by navigating to the "Campaign Priority" page. Select an app and milestone, and simply drag the campaigns into whichever priority order is best for your needs. Users will progress through the waterfall receiving the first listed campaign that they qualify for (are in the targeted segment, and have not exceeded any frequency caps).

Campaign Priority