Application Overview


What is the Application Overview?

The Application Overview serves as your main access point to all of the apps you’ve instrumented with Upsight Analytics. From this page you’ll be able to get a snapshot view of changes to each app’s daily uniques and installs. You can also click on any of your apps listed here to jump directly to it’s respective Reports page.

How do I access the Application Overview?

The Application Overview is located in the Portfolio tab in the Upsight Analytics dashboard. Follow the steps below to access it:

  1. Click on “Portfolio” in the menu bar at the top of the dashboard.
  2. Select “Application Overview” from the navigation table on the left.

Application Overview Button

Adding a New Application

Adding a New Application

To add a new application, click on the platform-button-add-application button on the top right of the Application Overview page. You can then name your app, choose its platform and type, along with which users will be able to access its data.

Each app is assigned a unique API key, which is used to route all of the data collected for that particular dataset. For example, if you had both an Android and iOS build of the same app, you could add each one as individual apps in the Application Overview and track their behaviors separately.

Once an app is added, you can view its API key by hovering over it in the Application Overview and clicking platform-button-edit.

For more information on adding new apps, please refer to API & SDK Reference. You can also contact Upsight Support.