Executive Report


What is Executive Report?

The Executive Report feature gives you a high-level overview of how your entire catalog of applications are performing across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms. It automatically displays daily changes in acquisition, engagement, retention and revenue metrics for all of your apps in a single page. And it's ideal for quickly comparing and evaluating how your apps are stacking up against each other.

How do I access Executive Report?

Executive Report is located in the Portfolio tab in the Upsight Analytics dashboard. Follow the steps below to access it:

  1. Click on "Portfolio" in the menu bar at the top of the dashboard.
  2. Select "Executive Report" from the navigation table on the left.

Executive Report Button


How are applications categorized in Executive Report?

Executive Report aggregates app data into three categories: mobile (smartphone), tablet and desktop. An app’s “platform” attribute determines how it is categorized within Executive Report.

Different Platforms

Assigning or Changing an App’s “Platform”

An app’s platform is assigned at the time it's first added to the Upsight Analytics dashboard. Platform Selector

Once set, this attribute can only be changed by users who have admin permission, with some limitations listed below:

  • You cannot change a desktop app to a mobile (smartphone) or tablet app.
  • You cannot change a mobile (smartphone) or tablet app to a desktop app.
  • An app's "type" attribute will continue to dictate the type of dashboard that is displayed for the app.
    • iOS mobile (smartphone) and tablet apps will be presented in the “Mobile - iOS” dashboard.
    • Android mobile (smartphone) and tablet apps will be presented in the “Mobile - Android” dashboard.
    • Desktop apps will be presented in the “Social” dashboard.

Excluding Data From Certain Apps

To exclude an app’s data from being counted in Executive Report, click the “No” button next to “Include in Executive Report” in the "Add Application" window.


Understanding Results

Metrics Reported in Executive Report

  • Total Installs: This acquisition metric reports the total number of installations by new users across all apps within the selected date range.
  • Total Users: This engagement reports the sum of all daily active users (DAU) across all apps within the selected date range.
  • Average Day 7 Retention: This retention metric reports the average Day 7 retention of all apps within the selected date range weighted by the number of installs.
  • Total Revenue: This revenue metric reports the total amount of revenue across all apps within the selected date range.


What instrumentation requirements are needed to use Executive Report?

There are no new instrumentation requirements to use Executive Report.

Which types of users have access to Executive Report?

By default, Executive Report is accessible to the following permission classes: admin, editor, and read-only.

If a user has Executive Report, can they see data for all applications?

Yes, access to Executive Report requires the user to have access to all applications within the account. Account admins must grant users access to all apps in order to view Executive Report.

How do I get a breakdown of an app’s effect on any metric listed in Executive Report?

Hovering over any of the charts will show a breakdown of each app’s relative contribution to that particular metric. At the bottom of each tab, you will find a summary table that list further details regarding each app’s data contribution to the report.

How can account admins prevent users from accessing Executive Report?

To prevent other types of users from accessing Executive Report, account admins can create a new permission class that restricts access to Executive Report from the permission management page. enter image description here