Accessing Events

Events is located in the Report tab in the Upsight Analytics dashboard. Follow the steps below to access it:

  1. Click on "Reports" in the menu bar at the top of the dashboard.
  2. Select "Events" from the navigation table on the left. You can then select "Event Details" or "Event Timeline" from the submenu.

Events Button

Viewing Custom Events

To view these events on the dashboard graphs, we use the Event Selection portion of the Event Explorer tool found in the Events Detail section. In the Treeview, find the Event or Events that you would like to analyze in the Event Navigator and transfer the Event from Available Events table to the Selected Events table by using the double arrow buttons. We can also choose different Events from different subtypes to have a comparative analysis.

Event Explorer - Tree

We can also use the Search view instead of Tree if we know the name of the event we are looking for.

Event Explorer - Search

Alongside the Event Explorer Hierarchy option is the Pivot option. The Pivot option gives us the flexibility to consolidate a subtype and view it on its own. For example, we can view all Events that occurred for a level 1 subtype, such as Purchases, or we can view all Events that occurred for a level 4 sub-type, such as Completes.

Event Explorer Pivot

When you’ve placed all the Events you would like to view into the Selected Events table, hit Apply.

By clicking Save, the Selected Events will be saved into a bundle. Once saved as a Bundled Events, you will be able to select the bundle to view these Events in a graph instead of having to select each Event individually.

Apply and Save Buttons

Deleting a Custom Event

Upsight will never delete any of the data you send to us. Therefore, there is no delete option for Custom Events.

In the case where there are old events, incorrect events, or events you simply don’t want to see on your dashboard, use the Manage Events feature, located on the lower right section of the Event Explorer tool and next to the Save and Apply buttons.

Save and Apply Buttons

In the Manage Events widget, uncheck the custom events that you do not want to see on your dashboard. Click Save to keep your new events settings. Also, we will still be collecting data for the events you’ve unchecked, so simply check the box again if you would like to view the events in the future.

Manage Events Widget