Former Kontagent Customer

What do I get out of marketing tools?

You gain in-game marketing campaigns to promote your other apps, run virtual good promotions, send pushes to re-engage your users, or advertise to monetize your app all with the ability to target specific segments of your users. As well, adding marketing tools allows you to leverage one of our newest features: Pushing to users directly from Data Mine. Talk to your CSM to get an overview.

I’m in multiple accounts, how do I switch?

There is a new account switch underneath your account name in the top right.

What do I need to do to get started with marketing tools?

Follow the Getting Started guide.

How will my data be shared between what I send to analytics and marketing?

Data will be automatically populated in the analytics dashboard once you launch your app with the new Upsight SDK and link your app.

What’s new?

Custom Event Designer!

Talk to your CSM about the product roadmap.

Data Mine to Push! Explore interesting cohorts with Data Mine, such as customers who haven’t come back in the last few days, and send them a push message. Requires adding the Upsight SDK to your application. Contact your CSM for more details.