What is Upsight?

We’re renaming ourselves Upsight and introducing a unified analytics and marketing platform that combines the previous Kontagent and PlayHaven offerings.

What are these offerings?

Historically, Kontagent’s best-in-class analytics platform was only accessible behind a paywall while PlayHaven offered a freemium product to its developers. With the launch of Upsight, developers of any size can now get access to a free enterprise-grade analytics solution - with unlimited data storage and MAU and free marketing tools with unlimited in-app targeted marketing messages - with one SDK and a unified dashboard. This is unprecedented and a major development for mobile app developers.

What do I do to log in?

Your existing username and password, if you’re not an Upsight user sign up!

Where is everything?

If you are a Kontagent customer, your dashboard will be accessible by clicking the Analytics tab. Click the Analytics tab

If you are a Playhaven customer , your dashboard will be accessible by clicking the Marketing tab Click the Marketing tab

Ok, I’m sold. How do I get started?

If you’re an existing customer, log in! If you’re not, sign up. In either case, follow the instructions to get all set up.

What are the plan options?

The pricing options are located on this page.

What do I get with the enterprise plan?

Data Mine, Predictive LTV, Unlimited Push. Sign Up and choose ‘enterprise’, we’ll be in contact with you shortly!

Who do I reach out to for help or with questions?

For existing customers, you can email your CSM. For new customers just getting started, email Upsight Support.